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The MS Millennial Roundtable Podcast is a part of a growing movement to bring together millennials in the state to cultivate a political voice. With many public policy issues impeding our ability to create progress in a variety of sectors, this podcast centers our voices in discussing the solutions that will move us forward. We aim to be a digital platform that organizes and informs Mississippi Millennials about the issues that are important for creating progress in our state. Our goal is to center our voices and inspire collective action.

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Sipps T Podcast dives into the cultural crevices of the world from the perspective of two Southern Millennials working to understand themselves and take full ownership of who they are in the world. Join Terrye and Terrence J. as they think critically and analytically about topics that impact each of their lives and the shared experiences of those around them. Everything is on the table: politics, education, fashion, pop culture—all under the lens of surviving the growing pains of walking into adulthood. Join Terrye and Terrence J. on this journey. Where are they headed? Listen and find out.

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