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Art2Me: Showcasing Mississippi Talent

Once again, we want to let y’all in on what’s going on around the state. Well this week the Art2Me showcase will be happening on April 17th in Oxford, Mississippi. ‘Sipp Talk will be in attendance and we wanted to give everyone a peek into the culture and let y’all know what the scene will be. We were able to talk to Jeffrey “Dre” Patton, Senatobia, Mississippi native, who is the founder and curator of Art2Me to get a look at his process and inspiration for creating an event that centers Mississippi artists and creatives. As an artist himself, Dre has a background in visual arts like painting and drawing as well as music. We wanted to know more about what drove him to create a space for others to showcase their talents and here’s what he had to say,

“As Mississippians, we know that we are overlooked for many things. As Black creatives in Mississippi, we are overlooked even more for the art that we create and do not get the recognition we deserve. When creating Art2Me, I wanted to create a platform specifically for Black creatives within Mississippi to showcase their work and let everyone express exactly how they view art and what it means to them. I want all participants to know that they are appreciated by their fellow creatives and the community with this event as well. This showcase will be a festival that is designed to cultivate Black culture and actually showcase work that embodies the Black experience. There’s so much talent in this state and it’s time everyone sees what they have to offer.”

With music artists, painters, designers, singers, songwriters, authors and much more there will be enough space for every facet of Black creativity to be highlighted by Art2Me. Dre may be taking his first swing at curating a community event, however he is no stranger to the local art scene in the Oxford area. He has used his talents to build a network of creatives who offer talents ranging from music production to custom prints and fashion pieces. On his history within the art community and drive for creating he says,

“In the ninth grade, I won my first national award for an art piece. This made it clear that not only was I improving as an artist but I also had the capability of creating quality work that is appreciated. I then applied this to all my talents by continuing to improve my craft, create quality music, and eventually create my own art business called JPArtistry. I’ve been commissioned by churches, families, schools, student organizations, and more for artwork and I hope to continue creating artwork that clients and those around me can appreciate.”

We know that y’all want to check out all that this event will have to offer, and we hope to see y’all there spending coins and boosting your favorite local Mississippi creatives. To stay in the loop and remain updated on Art2Me be sure to follow on Instagram or, hop one over to Dre's page @dre.pat for his latest projects and events. If you’re in the North Mississippi area be sure to stop by Art2Me to mix and mingle with the latest creatives from around The ‘Sipp! To stay up to date on more events like this one, as well as, all the unique things going on in Mississippi subscribe to our mailing list!!!

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