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Happy Rebirth!

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Mississippi artist, Dolla Black has for a while now been an advocate for the Jackson music scene, producing events and opportunities for up and coming artists. Jumping back in head first with singles such as Time, #UpThere set to release February 28th, and an announced tour. @noxoloent planned a surprise send-off party to let Dolla know he’s loved and supported by those who have stood on his shoulders

On the eve of Dolla Black’s anticipated kick-off of #TheRebirthTour, he was celebrated by his loved ones and sent off to his first stop with great energy and encouraging words from friends, family, and artists of his journey who’ve been present in different eras of his life and career. The surprise send-off party was organized by Noxolo Ent. and his wife, Kiara Howard and it was a total success. It was a beautiful fusion of his family members and artists in the city, some who’d come from as far as Atlanta, both rookies and veterans. The blend of energies was so inviting that Dolla Black’s son, Kayson, felt confident enough to share some special sentiments about his father and being proud to be his son. Kayson was followed by other artists like Dear Silas, AVEOVO, BDEMG members Yung Jewelz and JoDe Boy, expressing their genuine love and appreciation for Dolla, whether it be his presence or his words of knowledge and light, every expression of homage and admiration was felt and understood.

Dolla Black is a Jackson, Mississippi native rapper dear to the hearts of fans near and far. In the span of his decade career, he has bared his soul and given out wisdom in a bold and powerful way through multiple singles, albums, and mixtapes. His most recent single and first drop of the new decade titled, “Time” was released on January 31, the same day of his first tour date where he and the BDEMG & Noxolo Ent team traveled to New Orleans, MS.

Stay tuned into Dolla Black’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter platforms for the following tour dates, new music, visuals, and merchandise and sign up for text alerts here.

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