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Talamieka Brice Launches First Episode of ‘Water: A Reproductive Justice Story’ Docuseries

On today, the anniversary of the Dobbs Decision, award-winning filmmaker Talamieka Brice is gearing up for the online premiere event of the groundbreaking docuseries "Water," in collaboration with SHERo Mississippi and the Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund.

This compelling series delves into issues of reproductive justice, amplifying the voices of those affected by restricted abortion access. We got a chance to talk with Talamieka to learn more about the docuseries.

Talamieka Brice, who was approached by SHERo Mississippi about creating a documentary about what life could be like after Roe vs. Wade failed.

Talamieka, who like a lot of us, didn't think we were on the cusp of losing a monumental right, agreed to do the then, film.

"I was approached by SHERo Mississippi in March 2022 about creating this documentary about like what life could be like after Roe failed. The director Michelle Colón, who had been working in reproductive justice for a decade was pretty assured that Roe would be overturned, and as someone who is like, kinda not really involved in the field of Reproductive Justice, was a bit taken back like OK we can do this, but I didn't think it would really fall."

"The more I got into this work, the more I got into meeting people that have been in front of clinics and people whose family members have murdered abortion doctors, the picture of what a post Roe (v. Wade) world would look like became clearer" - Talamieka Brice

"It has been very eye-opening for me and that there are a lot of things that I just wasn't privy to, one of the main things was, I had to get comfortable with saying the word abortion because. It was just kinda taboo.

You know, you just never talk about it and then once you really get into doing this work you realize that there has been a system in place working for 50 years to overturn this and they are perfectly comfortable saying the word abortion"

Two years in the making, this project started out as a feature film, but in discovering the volume and weight of the subject, the team pivoted to a docuseries with five parts.

"A lot of stuff has been in the way of funding fully funding this project so this tonight is the preview of the very first episode to show people what we're working with as well as a call to let people know what's going on and to try to raise funds to complete the series."

You can watch the premier of "Water: A Reproductive Justice Story" tonight from 6 - 7:30 PM by grabbing your ticket here. Please support this amazing Mississippi artist by getting a ticket or becoming a sponsor at the link mentioned. Learn more about Talamekia Brice here.

In addition to seeking sponsors, Talamieka Brice continues to raise funds for future episodes of the docuseries, paving the way for a more comprehensive exploration of reproductive justice issues.

For more information on sponsorship opportunities for the online premiere event or to inquire about supporting the "Water" docuseries, please visit or reach out to Brice Media at 6017900259.

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