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Born into a sharecropping family, Frank Rosenbur stares into the distance, holding with him the history of the land in Coahoma County and the hope for the future.

Mr. Frank operates a community garden and microfarm behind Federation Tower in Clarksdale, MS. In 2022, he partnered with Robbie Pollard of the Happy Food Project and Angela TenBroeck of the Center for Sustainable Agriculture Excellence and Conservation to upscale the garden into a fully functional farm. They added landscape fabric to reduce weed growth, installed an irrigation system on a timer, and created raised garden beds.

Within a couple of months, Mr. Frank's farm tripled its output of squash, tomatoes, purple hull peas, and greens, while also expanding to more land on the plot. The residents of Federation Tower are overjoyed that more of their food is coming straight from the farm to their kitchen tables, just as it has always been for many of the elders who reside there.

Special thanks to Federation Tower's management for their support in bringing produce closer to home for seniors; Angela TenBroeck for capacity-building support; Robbie Pollard for additional farm assistance and marketing support; and Robert Miller for bringing youth from Jonestown to assist with the upkeep and maintenance of the microfarm.

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