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Know Your Power, Show Your Power: What's At Stake For Mississippi This Election Season

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Ok, listen here. We get it, a lot is going on this year with the upcoming election and maybe the Presidential campaign is getting to you. But, we need your attention focused on the statewide elections. Mississippi is gearing up for some major changes on the ballot this year from the first Black woman potentially elected to the Mississippi Supreme Court, Judge Latrice Westbrooks, to Mike Espy running for Senate. We have so much at stake this year and we want to run some numbers by y’all to make sure you’re educated on the big issues and the impact we all have.

As you all know, Mississippi is the Blackest state in the union, and as such Mississippi has one of the highest per capita Black voting-age populations in the country. According to census data, the Black voting-age population in Mississippi is 776,242, which is 35% of MS. Of that 79% are registered voters. The Mississippi Black Women’s Roundtable and the Mississippi Millennial Roundtable have partnered with ‘Sipp Talk to help get the word out all across the state about what issues are going to help us all make effective change this November.

"Mississippians are and have always been at the forefront of change. This November will be no different."

Let’s talk numbers right quick. Black women voters and young voters will shape this election unlike any other in history. Black women makeup about 7.5% of the electorate and are among the most reliable voters in the U.S. Their turnout often tops national turnout — but for decades that dedication hasn’t translated to their own political achievement. There have been zero Black women governors, only two senators, and several dozen congresswomen. Black women constitute the largest and most politically active demographic of women of color voters. At least 15 Million Black women are eligible to vote and Black women continue to register to vote at some of the highest rates in the nation. In Mississippi, 38% of all eligible voters are Black women, the 2nd highest rate in the U.S. With Gen Z and Millennials becoming more politically and socially aware these groups are making strides here in The Magnolia State to ensure that their voices are being heard. Young voters have a significant impact on elections and are the fastest-growing demographic of eligible voters.

"We all have the responsibility to support Mississippi so that we can build the future that we want to see, the state that we all deserve."

Mississippians are and have always been at the forefront of change. This November is no different. We want y’all to understand what's at stake and remember these issues when you head to your local polls: 1.) The state flag is on the ballot and we all have a decision to make! 2.) Medical marijuana is on the ballot as Initiative 65 NOT 65A! 3.) Senate elections are coming and unless you like who’s in office now, you might want to look up other options (*winks).

Remember that you have until the 23rd of October to make sure that you have your absentee ballot requested and you have to have both the application AND the ballot notarized and mailed in by October 30th to ensure that your vote is counted. You must pick up your ballot in person and have it sent back to the county election commissioner’s office, or your vote may be at stake. And just as another pro tip: it is illegal in Mississippi to post a photo of the ballot! If you need to see an example of the ballot please contact the local election commissioner's office. We all have the responsibility to support Mississippi so that we can build the future that we want to see, the state that we all deserve. Know your power, Show your power. Get out and vote Mississippi.

The Know Your Power Campaign is brought to you by the Mississippi Black Women's Roundtable and One Voice. This multimedia campaign seeks to empower and educate young, Black and Millennial voters using data that points to the opportunity we have as Mississippians this upcoming election.

We've collaborated to create a space where art and activism meet, we have a few events in store we can't wait to share with you! Be sure to subscribe to our email list to stay in the loop! You'll want to save a spot soon, be the first to know.

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