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Mississippi Ranked As One of The Top 10 States To Live!

Updated: Feb 24, 2020 dropped a link about quality of life here in the U.S. and which states ranked highest based on social environment and natural environment. Well, guess which state made the Top 10?... That’s right The Sipp’ got it! Mississippi scored 9/50 for natural environment and 17/50 for social environment. Mississippi has a lot to offer its residents despite what some may think. Keep reading to find out all about Mississippi and which communities make the cut.

A state’s natural environment is composed of data that includes air and water quality, overall pollution, and if residents have been exposed to industrial toxins. Alright, so, first of all, let us learn ya about what we have going on here at home. We have a lot of natural resources here from the state parks like the amazing views found at Pickwick Lake in the northeast corner of the state or the scenic byways of the Natchez Trace. There is so much natural beauty here that reported residents here ranked the state as one of the top scorers in the natural beauty department. Mississippi’s residents have access to a ton of amazing landscapes and attractions like the Ross Barnett Reservoir just outside of Jackson, or even the world’s longest man-made shoreline on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. With so many places to visit and experience, it’s clear to see why so many feel this state is prime real estate for nature lovers.

Let’s clear something up, it's not just a lot of empty spaces and wide plains here. We have beautiful communities as well. has ranked which towns and cities would make great homes for those seeking to settle down and put roots in a place that can truly nurture anyone seeking a great place to live and grow. Although this list is specific to retirement, if you take a closer look you can find that these same cities and towns have amazing shopping, homeownership rates, low crime, and high rankings for quality of life for their residents. Some notable places are Flowood, Brandon, Hide-Away-Lake, Tupelo, Oxford, Southaven, and West Hattiesburg to name a few.

This list is just a small snippet of what there is to love about Mississippi and just how valuable our communities are. So if you want to live where the grass is greener and the people are just as sweet as pie then come to Mississippi to get a slice of home.

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