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Mississippi Votes Matter, Will Your Vote be Counted?

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Hey y’all, how y’all been doing lately? Well I’ve been… here, good? Anyway, let’s get to it. You may not be aware but Mississippians have a very important election coming our way. With issues swirling from both sides of the aisle, there is a lot to filter through so here at 'SippTalk, we figured that we’d do a little of the nitpicking for y’all to make it a little easier.

First things first, REGISTER TO VOTE. Plain and simple. Folks here in Mississippi have fought long and hard for the right to vote and once you have registered you can exercise that right as you see fit. Check your voter registration status at to ensure that you are a registered voter and remember that the deadline is October 5th!

Ok, so on to point number two: Initiative 65 vs. Initiative 65A. This year Mississippi is taking its legislation of marijuana to a new level. Recently there has been a significant push to go from decriminalizing marijuana to allowing medicinal use of the substance. With Initiative 65 there would be policy in place to help Mississippians that rely on the medical uses of the plant to seek treatment options that fit their needs in ways that allow for legal use and protection. But, just like with anything here in the Magnolia State, there’s a catch. Lawmakers are now pushing Initiative 65A, which is a crafty rebuttal to the original legislation proposed. Keep reading below to see the major differences and why understanding the ballot will make or break this election season!

Now that you’ve gained a little more knowledge or what these initiatives are let’s get into the nitty-gritty of it all. Here in Mississippi, there is a long history of voter suppression that extends back to the state’s inception. This election is no different, a sample ballot has been drafted and we want to make sure y’all are aware of what each section means. You have to vote in approval of either measure AND vote for which specific measure you are in favor of. If you want to help Mississippians gain access to the treatments that they need in safe and effective ways then you need to be aware of the tactics being used against us.

Over at there is a wealth of information to help you sift through all of the current issues and policies regarding the upcoming election. By staying informed and knowing what your rights are you can help create the Mississippi that you want to see.


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