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New Year, Same 'Sipp Talk

Updated: Feb 1

It’s been a while. We get it, life looks different and that’s okay. We’re different, actually, we’re back and better too. ‘Sipp Talk has a lot in store and we’re excited to share. Our team took some well-needed time to get clarity on how to serve you better, learn some skills, rest, and honestly, just live. Since the last time you heard from us, life has really shifted. We’ve lived through, are living through a pandemic, multiple genocides, civic unrest, inflation, crisis after crisis. We hope you’ve been taking care of yourself, connecting with your community, and pushing on. 

We’re so happy to be back. It’s time to make some noise - show what the ‘Sipp gotta say. ‘Sipp Talk has been listening, watching, waiting, and growing into a new phase of exploring Mississippi stories. The team is working harder than ever to give y’all something you haven’t seen from us yet, but still true to who we are. Let’s hear from the team about what we're looking forward to.

 "We will still feel like you’re talking to your cousin or your friend from the crib."

Q: How have things been since we last chatted? What’s new for you, for us

The last time we chatted there was a lot going on in the world. What initially ignited this move to step back from producing content for ‘Sipp Talk was feeling overwhelmed by the overload of content I felt compelled to engage and share. I didn’t have a real strategy of addressing necessary world and community news, disseminating information, and reckoning with everything happening at once. I was simply overwhelmed.

Since then I’ve been able to acquire skills, learn to truly work with a team, to delegate, collaborate, to rest, to take time. I’ve learned so much about myself, the type of art that moves me, gotten some production experience, and programming experience. So I feel way more equipped NOW after getting clarity.

‘Sipp Talk will feel the same. We will still feel like you’re talking to your cousin or your friend from the crib. You’ll forever discover stories about the people, culture and art of Mississippians you didn’t know. You’ll be inspired to create, to connect and learn more about yourself and your people. It’ll just look a little different, but it’ll feel the same. Thank y’all for always growing with us. I am so happy to be back, creating content for Mississippians by Mississippians.

- Jasmine Williams, Creator of 'Sipp Talk

photo by ThaerinX

Q: What stories do you want to tell about Mississippi? Paint us a picture. 

In one word - authentic. Those are the only stories I’m interested in telling. Especially Black stories, with emphasis. I mean how can you talk about culture, history, fashion, innovation, food, news, or anything in America, let alone in Mississippi without Black voices telling the tale? If not us then who?

When I think of Mississippi I think of the kudzu and fields, the towns and cities, the art and history here. It's my calling to amplify all of what Mississippi is and can be, so that means giving the reins to Black folks, who’ve always been here doing the work and laying the fabric of Americana across the landscape. But you know any story worth anything evokes a sense of place, and what better way to capture that than through sound? 

- Courtney Jones, Writer at 'Sipp Talk

photo by Brittny Millier

Q: What does Mississippi sound like to you? What do you want to amplify - what’s making the soundtrack? 

Mississippi sounds like the laughter at a cookout, sounds like your grandma praying while you and your cousins are running around out back. She sounds like “Mississippi Blues” by Travey, like “I Got It” by Silas and KRIT. It sounds like Mississippi Trees by Ariel J and myself. It sounds like Brandy Norwood harmonizing, like “Thanksgiving, The Album”. It sounds like a lit night on the Plaza, like the Sonic Boom, like a pastor preaching past his cutoff time. It sounds like babies crying and babies giggling.

Mississippi sounds like home, through and through. There’s a common thread of knowing that it’s woven into each Mississippi song and sound, so that no matter how different each note, there’s a certain warmth and familiarity. As an artist working with artists, I’m excited to shed light on the stories of these musicians and dig into what makes artists from Mississippi so unique.

- Charity Hicks (Vitamin Cea), Writer at 'Sipp Talk

photo by Brittny Miller

Q: What would it look like to capture Mississippi in a snapshot? Tell us how you see Mississippi through your eyes. 

Mississippi is so rich in culture and community, that it literally warms my soul to see people experience the stillness and the vibrancy that my state holds. Mississippi is the birthing ground for many, many talented people. I want to show the textures, the colors, that Mississippi has and I’m proud to be able to show that through my art! I see it as home and somewhere I’d want to return back to when I do leave. My goal is to not force people to see the beauty I see in the ‘Sipp but to see that there is beauty, excellence, and Blackness runs deep here. 

- Brittny Miller, Creative Director at 'Sipp Talk

Thank y’all for continuing to be on this journey with us. Whether you’re growing your love or affirming your love for Mississippi, we hope you can see yourself and your people in what we do. Be sure to subscribe to our website for early access to what's happening at 'Sipp Talk! As always, 

From the ‘Sipp, with Love. 

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Dominique Scott
Dominique Scott
Jan 29

welcome back y’all. thank y’all for taking time to rest and rejuvenate. i can’t wait to bear witness to all the greatness you have in store for us.

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