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Protesting Tips: Be Safe, Be Heard.

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Looking back at the history of our people, protesting isn’t new to us. Especially here in Mississippi. Like Arekia Bennett, founder of MS Votes, says “We [Mississippi] showed the world how to organize.”

If you counted on your hands (and toes for that matter) the amount of times you have been exposed to a police officer murdering a black person in America, I’m sure you’d need to borrow someone else’s phalanges too.

Constantly being exposed to modern-day lynchings of Black men AND women, also known as “police brutality” can really affect you. The crippling anxiety of not knowing if your traffic stop will be “just a traffic stop” -get your citation/ticket and be on your way- or if it’s the preface to becoming the next hashtag is heavy. #(Insert Black Name Here) displayed across all social media platforms for the next month or so until it’s swept under a rug and ultimately forgotten.

Being quite honest, there was only so long the black community could watch our brothers and sisters murdered with no justice. Seeing the killers maintain the privilege to continue to “protect and serve” and not be held accountable to the same system that disproportionately swallows black people was bound to lead chaos and rebellion. Fortunately, we now have access to smartphones, cameras, social media and livestreams so the revolution can finally be televised piece by piece.

As protests break out around the country it is imperative that we protect ourselves at all costs. In no way are we attempting to incite or encourage violence. Our goal is to provide you with information to make informed decisions while protesting. Be safe!

The ‘Sipp is here to give you a few tips on protesting.

Repost from @aoc on Instagram

Extra Tip #1: Research the location of the protest before attending.

Free Speech Activity is permitted and protected in public spaces and locations. Free Speech Activity is always permitted on sidewalks as long as you provide room for pedestrians to pass.

Extra Tip #2: Go with a buddy if at all possible. If not, text your location to your emergency contact before turning your phone on Airplane Mode.

Extra Tip #3: Social distance as much as possible. A safe 3 to 6 ft distance is recommended.

Extra Tip #4: Wear black, closed-toed shoes.

Extra Tip #5: Invest in a Hydration Pack or CamelBak to ensure that you stay hydrated and hands-free.

Extra Tip #6: Apply sunscreen before joining the protest. We don’t need Skin Cancer taking you out of the fight.

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