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The Mashup Art Show Recap

Art. Fashion. Community. The Mashup offers it all and more. Saturday, November 5th, 2022, creatives and artists from all over Mississippi; and the mid-South assembled in downtown Jackson to participate in a night of celebration and communal fellowship. Alexis Noble, the curator and contributing artist, pooled her and her teams' resources, skills, and talent to bring the second installation of The Mashup to life. Hosted by the phenomenal Mistress of Ceremony, BE (@bewithone.e) and with performing artists Devmaccc, Ariel J, Vitamin Cea, Briar Blakley, and NAHVEYAH the entertainment left nothing to be desired, even featuring the live musical stylings of Shed Light.

Alexis Noble standing in front of her art installation wearing a custom original denim dress of her own design.
Curator, Alexis Noble

Devmacc, Vitamin Cea, and Ariel J standing from left to right earing denim ensembles smiling and celebrating The Mashup commencing.
Performing artists (from left) Devmaccc, Vitamin Cea, and Ariel J.

Empowering local artists to create unique works while networking and growing into their full potential is only part of the aims of The Mashup. Most importantly, we want artists to be able to sustain themselves economically so that they can continue to flourish within their creative journeys. The Mashup was designed to ensure that resources and opportunities flow between local collectors and creatives who have poured themselves into each piece that they create. As the Communications Manager, I have had the pleasure of working alongside amazingly talented collaborators that truly embody the spirit of what The Mashup is built to be, a safe space focused on community, fellowship, and celebration of Black art. An experience like The Mashup can only exist because of the efforts of all of the participants, artists, and patrons.

Photo of various party goers and artists that contributed to the event all wearing unique denim clothing reflective of the theme set for the installment.
Collective of artists and collaborators that contributed to The Mashup setup and execution.

The Mashup is the meeting place of organic expression and new immersive experiences found nowhere else. To find out more about The Mashup and how you can be in the mix click the link here and be sure to subscribe to ‘Sipp Talk to stay updated on the latest happenings in the ‘Sipp.

All photos are credited to Justin Hardiman (@kail_soul on IG)

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